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Who Is Tejaswa Nama?

Tejaswa Nama is an expert web developer with a lot of experience. Don't judge him by his age. Because till now he is only 15 years old & he completes many projects in this age. You can see some of his projects here. You can check our clients here. Besides that also he has achieved many achievements like his School Management System Software got 2nd rank in all over rajasthan in science fair at software catgory in year 2021. He knews many programming languages also like HTML, CSS, JS [Fron-End] || PHP, Python, Java, NODEJS [Back-End] || SQL, MONGODB, MICROSOFT SQL SERVER [SERVER] || MYSQL [DATABASE] || Python, Java, C, C# [Other]. Besides that also he knews many libraries also like laravel [PHP], Angular, React [JS] and so on. Like this way he is working with many API's/tools also and so on things. Aside from programming he is an investor, CEO & FOUNDER, Developer, Thinker. His logic and creativity level at peak. FAQ?

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We are a tech startup who makes the website of any type. Like : . Our team members are very logical, creative & expert in their particular field. Want to make a website Register Here Or Contact Us. Why Should You Choose Us Only? Services We Offer? What Special We Can Provide You? Features? See Our Numbers? Testimonials? Partners? FAQ?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price can be varied from different situations. For getting best price you can call/whatsapp/mail us

Don't Hesitate To Contact Us. This could also vary depending upon many things. The main thing is how much time you give us to complete that project? How urgent a project is this? This all thing depends on what you want to make? Suppose an e-commerce project & in that, you want to make an admin panel and all these things. Like amazon type website you want. So, in this case, the time can be round 1 month till now.

No, There are not any hidden charges. All charges are present in front of you.

If you are puchasing domain and hosting with us then this part of payment will not be refundable because this payment is not transfer to us. Rest Payment Will Be Refundable. But After Cutting 5%GST On Them And 10% Our Commision. Total 15% deducted on your whole payment.

Depending On Situation. Raise The Ticket Of This To Your Dashboard and submit to us Or You can contact to us.

Till now our company is not registered but in future it will be. We are a trusted startup after completing so many projects and gaining much expierence. We start this statup.

Definitely Yes, we do not sell your data to anyone. We are a trusted startup. Your information is safe with us.

We generally do not use wordpress to make your website but if you want your website by wordpress we can make it for you after consulting to you.

This may be depending upon your project. We generally make your whole website by programming languages. We use HTML, CSS, JS (Front End) || PHP, Python, NODEJS (Backend) || ORACLE, MYSQL, MONDODB (SERVER) .

Absolutely Yes, we make your whole website responsive. If your website is not made responsive then we will refund your money. T&C Aplly

yes, probably we rank your website and do SEO to your website. But Working will be Depending On Your Domain And Category Keyword. Generally We make fully SEO websites.

yes, probably it is real money 100% legal money. But the condition is you can only use this amount to make the projectof yours. In future if it is withdrawable to another account also then we will update here.

yes, we provide offer in our payment but when you refer our site to anyone and anyone purchase our plan by your link|| When you have our prime plan || By applying another person coupon code || By your contributions in projects, blog, learning || You can deduct your wallet money cash to purchase our plan.

we made any kind of website. For : E-commerce, Parlour, Startups, For Any Kind Of Business, Hospitals, School, Individual, Blogging etc type of categories.

absolutely yes. We can update/do changes in any type website. Like : E-commerce, Parlour, Startups, For Any Kind Of Business, Hospitals, School, Individual, Blogging etc type of websites.

yes. We send Bulk Email by us but for bulk sms we use third party Application/ API's/ Software. In this you will pay some amount of charges according to your per sms send

yes, We use third party Application/API's/Software for making your website better or for more features.

yes. We give you different types of free gifts according to your choice, we integrate realtime chatbot || We upload games to your website. So that if visitor want they can play games || We can give you our calculators also || Systems, Analytics, Daily Reports, Comment Section, Rich Textarea || Admin Panel || Many things we give to you according to your project.

We take payment to you when your project is fully completed. Till then we can send you our daily report how much work is done or how much work is left in your website.

Yes, We made your website fully secured. We test your website many times and then launch it. In this testing we also check sql injection, xss attack etc. type of attacks in your website. We give you 99.9% secured site by our site.

Yes we will send daily reports to you. But this will also depending upon your your project timeline. If It Is short Then We Send daily. if it is long like for 2-3 months then we send you weekly reports. But we update you regular about your project

The CEO & Founder Of Code By Brain Is Tejaswa Nama. An expert web developer.

Yes, the remote jobs are available from any center of the world only you need the skills that we require not degree!!

This thing will totally depend upon you we work on project based!!

Ye, you can complete anytime your work but in under the project date!!

Till now we give you the payment according to the project that you completed... If the project is big then amount is big if it is small then the payment would definitely be low..

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